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Recent Monticello Construction Zone

The Village of Monticello Building Department enforces standards for the construction of buildings within the Village limits, to ensure the safety of the public. It does this by administering and enforcing the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code and The Code of the Village of Monticello . To meet these requirements, the Department:

  • Reviews applications and plans for new construction, and the alteration of existing structures.
  • Issues building permits
  • Performs inspections of new or substantially altered buildings to assure that construction has been completed according to the appropriate codes and laws, and when necessary, then issues a Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Compliance.
  • Investigates complaints, typically concerning illegal construction and housing maintenance standards.
  • Suggests updates to the Village Code to reflect social and technological changes.

Work Permit Procedures

Property owners who wish to alter, build an addition or erect a new structure are responsible for obtaining a Building Permit from the Building Department to ensure that the resulting house, loft, apartment, office, garage, storage shed, house of worship or any other residential, commercial or industrial structure complies with the Building Code and zoning requirements. Applications/permit fees are based on the size of the structure for new buildings/enlargements or for alterations.

To obtain permits, the plans for constructing a building or making an alteration other than an ordinary repair must be prepared by a New York State licensed Professional Engineer [PE] or Registered Architect [RA] but in some cases may not require this. Speak with the Building Inspector to find out if you will be required to submit sealed plans. The applicant then submits the plans to the Building Department. The plans are reviewed to check for compliance with the Building Code and Zoning Ordinances. In addition to Building Department approval, some structures may need an additional approval and/or permit.

For example, if a use is determined to be a "Special Use" and/or meets certain requirements under the Village Site Plan Review Law, then the applicant will be required to go before the Planning Board for Site Plan Review and approval before a Building Permit can be issued.

For new construction, or a change in use or occupancy, the property owner or developer must apply for a Certificate of Occupancy. This is a document issued by the Building Department indicating the legal use of a property, for example, a two-family home, a parking lot, a multiple dwelling or a store. A new Certificate of Occupancy is always required for a newly built structure; an amended Certificate of Compliance is required only when the alteration has caused the building's occupancy or use to change. Usually, the contractor or owner's representative contacts the Building Department and arranges for the necessary inspections for construction, plumbing and electrical. The Building Department will issue a Certificate of Occupancy only when:

  • The completed work complies with the submitted plans and building laws
  • All paperwork is completed
  • If necessary, all approvals have been obtained from other appropriate agencies
  • All filing fees and taxes are paid.


Inspections of Construction and plumbing work are performed as part of the Department's regulatory efforts during the building process. Electrical inspections are performed by independent, approved agencies.

The Village Building Inspector also makes other inspections such as ones for unsafe buildings, illegal uses and new places of public assembly. The Building Department is empowered to issue violations, summonses and stop work orders for conditions contrary to the Building code. The Department also issues Unsafe Building Notices and Abandoned Building Notices.

In addition to these inspections, local residents often assist the Building Department in its enforcement effort by alerting the Building Inspector to situations such as those involving unsafe buildings.

Electrical Work

Independent approved Electrical Inspection agencies inspect the electrical installations, which must be performed by electrical contractors licensed in Sullivan County . Before starting work, electrical contractors are required to file an application for a Building Permit. By law, electrical work cannot be performed without a Building Permit nor used before an inspection has been performed and a certificate issued.

Planning Board

The Planning Board meets regularly on the fourth Tuesday of each month in the upstairs meeting room in Village Hall at 7 p.m.

Zoning Board

The Zoning Board of Appeals meets only when there is an application filed.

Design Review Board (Sign Committee)

The Design Review Board meets only when there is an application filed.

*Applications and Permits are available for download on our Forms & Applications page.

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