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Click on the links below to view the Village of Monticello Forms and Applications in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these documents. You can download it free by clicking the PDF icon.

FORM NO. 1 Building Permit Application For obtaining building permits to construct or alter structures in accordance with the Uniform Code
DEMOLITION PERMIT Application for Demolition Permit For obtaining permits to remove structures
EXCAVATION AUTHORIZATION Application for Excavation Authorization Required before you dig
FCOC-C/O Affidavit of Final Cost of Construction Application for Certificate of Occupancy Form required to obtain final inspection and close out building permit and to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy to allow use of a structure
RNTLAW Rental Law Application Rental Law Application - Required form for rental property owners
SUP Application for Special Use Permit For uses of land which require site plan review and a Special Use Permit
SPRSA Application for Site Plan Review / Subdivision For Site Plan Review which does not require a Special Use Permit and to Sub-divide property into multiple lots
SPCL Check List For Site Plan/Subdivision Review to be submitted with SPRSA Form
SEAF Short Environmental Assessment Form For Unlisted Actions Only
VAR Application for A Variance To request a waiver from strict compliance with zoning or planning regulations or to set aside a denial of zoning requests from the Zoning Officer
FE Fee Schedule for Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals applications
EA Escrow, Hold Harmless & Insurance Agreement
OP Owner’s Proxy for Planning/Zoning Board Applications
DP Facilities Request Application for DeHoyos Park Request to use Park for group/party events
TSRC Recreation Building Request Application Request to use Ted Strobele Recreation Center (Neighborhood Facility) for group/party events
EPLRF Enrollment Program and Liability Release Form Application for participation in Village Sponsored recreation programs
WTO Request to have Water Turned on or Off
STAP Application for Permit to Tap and Install Piping into Sewer Main
WTAP Application for Permit to Tap and Install Piping into Water Line
BA Application to change utility billing address, or to put utility (water sewer. Sanitation) bill in Name of Tenant
FEES FEE SCHEDULE Please contact the Village offices for the most current schedule of fees at 845-794-6130
RFW Request for Waiver of Penalty or Fee To request a waiver of a penalty or fee relating to Utilities, Taxes, or Facility fees
MDR Application For Multiple Dwelling Registration To register buildings containing 3 or more dwelling units in accordance with Village Code §165-37(B)
HOP Application for Home Occupation To register residential buildings in which it is desired to conduct a Home Occupation in accordance with Village Code §280 as amended by LL22-2007
SP Application for Sign permit Form required to obtain approval to install temporary and permanent signs or to renovate existing signs
PP Application for Peddler’s Permit To obtain permit to peddler "wares" door to door on the streets within the Village
FOIL Freedom of Information Request To request records as provided by the Public Officer’s Law
FOILA Appeal of Denial of a Freedom of Information Request To appeal a decision from the F.O.I.L. Officer denying access to records requested
TXAPP Taxi Medallion Application To apply for a taxi medallion license.
TOWAPP Tow Truck Application To apply for a tow and/or service truck license.
PERMIT Permit Application Permit Application - Processions, parades, street fairs, marathons, fireworks
EA Employment Application Employment Application - To become and employee of the Village of Monticello

Check back often as we'll be updating our in house forms to be available to download. If you have any forms that you would like to see posted online, let us know at

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